Active NSDA Points Leaders

Current NSDA Honor Society Points Leaders

Please join us in congratulating our current students’ outstanding achievements within the NSDA Honor Society. Below are the current top ten points leaders from Randolph Speech & Debate¬†(as of August 2020).

Current Rank Student Grad Year Career Points Degree of Honor
1 Carolyn He ’25 425 Distinction
2 Briana Lange ’25 388 Distinction
3 Fernando Hernandez ’25 292 Distinction
4 Ryan Schorr ’25 274 Distinction
5 Thomas Draghi ’25 217 Excellence
6 Sophia Bonadio ’25 194 Excellence
7 Tanishka Shahoo ’26 177 Excellence
8 Akash Parammal ’24 167 Excellence
9 Ruby Weston ’25 150 Excellence
10 Brendan Angilello ’25 124 Honor

The National Speech and Debate Association honor society awards points to student members based on their performance throughout their speech and debate careers, as well as for community service and other public speaking activities. Beginning with a degree of merit and entrance to the honor society at 25 points, students earn degrees commensurate with their dedication and success in the activity.  Find out more from the NSDA.

Currently, Randolph Speech and Debate is ranked 8th in New Jersey.