Donate Food

Thank you so much for donating food for our tournament!

In an effort to have a more streamlined process, we are doing things a little differently this year. RHS  Food Service will be handling all of the food sold in the kitchen for us.  (In other words, no more cooking trays of pasta!)  Donations will be used to help feed the judges and volunteers and to stock our two Grab & Go tables.  The Grab & Go table was a huge money maker for us last year, and we are expanding it to include breakfast items and coffee this year.

When signing up for food donations, please be mindful of the quantities listed that we are requesting.  All items were priced from Costco or BJ’s – but the items can be purchased anywhere.  Please make sure that you donate the same quantity of items.

If you would prefer, you can make a financial donation instead and we will do the shopping for you.  Please send checks, made payable to: RHS Forensics Parent Boosters Assoc. and mail them to: Mary Jaffa, 64 Fords Road Randolph, NJ  07869.

Please note on the check that it is for the RHS Tournament.

Suggested minimum:   $20

CLICK HERE to sign up for food donations!


Thank you so much for your generosity!   Your support of our team is invaluable!

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