For all students attending the Princeton trip this weekend, we will be meeting in the commons at 11 am on Friday. If you are attending the tournament, please bring your luggage with you to school in the morning and leave it in Mrs. Poff and Ms. Anllo’s room (B128). Try to pack as lightly as possible – we will be taking a school bus, rather than a charter bus. The tournament will run through Sunday, and we will hopefully return Sunday around 5pm. For more information, including hotel and transportation, check out the Princeton information sheet.

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CFL #2 Results

After a week off, our team competed at CFL #2 at Ridge HS on Saturday. Veterans got some great fine-tuning opportunities, novices got some great experience, and we did quite well for ourselves overall. Take a look:

  • Naomi Gonzalez – 6th place JV Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Jordan Pontelandolfo – 5th place Oral Interpretation
  • Abha Walter – 4th place JV Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Lauren Spencer – 4th place Dramatic Performance
  • Bryn Bennett & Caitlyn Dempsey – 4th place Duo Interpretation
  • Claudia Pietrus – 4th place Original Oratory
  • Jacqueline Wu – 3rd place JV Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Sam Halpern – 3rd place Congress
  • Team Sweepstakes – 4th place

Perhaps you’ve already heard about some other excitement from the tournament. Two of our students had the great fortune to debate Stephen Colbert’s son this weekend at CFL #2. What was perhaps more surprising to them was that when they walked in their room, Mr. Colbert was sitting in the back, ready to watch the debate. Mr. Colbert is also a speech and debate alumni from his childhood in South Carolina, so it was really great to see him supporting the activity. If you’re interested in photographic proof, check out our photo gallery here.

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Late October Results & CFL #2 Signups

Please join us in congratulating our members who have achieved success at our early-season local tournaments below:

Phillipsburg Invitational:

  • Renee Shen – 6th place Varsity Lincoln Douglas
  • Jordan Pontelandolfo – 6th place Dramatic Interpretation
  • Kathryn Altman – 6th place Humorous Interpretation
  • Mallika Ravi – 5th place Novice Poetry and 5th place Novice Prose
  • Braedyn Speight – 2nd place Novice Poetry
  • Bryn Bennett – 2nd place Program Oral Interpretation

Capitol Beltway Fall Classic:

  • Amy Pu – Octafinalist, Varsity Lincoln Douglas

CFL #1 @ Ridge:

  • Naomi Gonzalez – 1st place Junior Varsity Extemporaneous Speaking

There is only one local tournament in November (CFL #2 at Ridge on 11/12), so make sure you sign up! The earlier you compete, the more feedback you get, the quicker you earn points, and the more comfortable you feel. Sign up here: CFL #2: Ridge.

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Princeton Classic

Registration is now open for the Princeton Classic (December 2-4), held on the campus of Princeton University. We encourage all our team members, novice and veteran alike, to take advantage of this inexpensive national tournament right in our backyard.

Please register here and pay a $100 deposit by the deadline of November 2 in order to secure a spot on the trip. Once we have deposits locked in, we will distribute more information about the trip and any additional costs.

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Team Apparel

Our annual apparel sale has begun! Go to Fundraising -> Apparel on the menus above, or click here to be taken to the site. It features the apparel order forms as well as photos of the styles we are offering this year. Orders are due by Thursday, October 20, as we need to ensure the apparel is delivered before our home tournament.

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Early Tournament Registration

We encourage everyone to consider signing up for our early tournaments. There are three before the Thanksgiving break, perfect for novices to shadow (or even better, compete) at and for veterans to earn early states bids and CFL qualification points. Signups or drops are due by the Tuesday before each tournament. Take a look below:

CFL #1: Ridge (10/22)

Phillipsburg (10/29)

Also, don’t sleep on our next national Ivy League tournament at Princeton – nice and close for an overnight trip. Tournament registration opens on 10/18, so to ensure a spot on the roster, sign up soon.

Princeton Classic (12/2-12/4)

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Mailing List

Keeping in contact regularly throughout the year is important in our activity. We’ll be able to send updates on results, upcoming dates and deadlines, interesting opportunities, and the like. So with that in mind…

Please join our mailing list! It’s the way we keep in touch with parents and team members throughout the year. To join, fill out this form:

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Yale Results

Please join us in congratulating all our members who competed at Yale, including four freshman in their Randolph Speech & Debate debuts. In, here are some of our excellent results from the weekend:

  • Amy Pu – Triple-Octafinalist, Varsity Lincoln Douglas
  • Renee Shen – Octafinalist, Junior Varsity Lincoln Douglas
  • Jordan Pontelandolfo – Quarterfinalist, Dramatic Interpretation
  • Lauren Spencer – Quarterfinalist, Dramatic Interpretation
  • Caitlyn Dempsey – Semifinalist, Program Oral Interpretation
  • Bryn Bennett – 3rd place Humorous Interpretation and 5th place Program Oral Interpretation

What a great tone to set for the season! We hope to see everyone at the kick-off meeting on Tuesday, September 20 to keep the successes rolling.

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Season Kickoff Meeting

It’s that time of year again! We invite new and returning members to join us in kicking off our season on September 20 after school in B164 (overflow to STEM Lab).

For new members, we will introduce the team, our mission and what we do, and the various events that you can compete in. We hope to have you hit the ground running in the event that’s best for you.

If you’re a veteran, you can help our new members get acquainted with the events we offer and help them choose what’s right for them.

See you then!

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Yale Invitational Tournament

All students attending Yale this year must complete the following:

  1. Look at the Yale Information 2016 that replaces our old packets. This shows you the balance due and other information about the trip.
  2. Fill out the 2016-17 Intake Forms. Instead of doing tons of paperwork all year for various things, we’ve consolidated everything into a set of forms for the start of the year. Since you’re going to Yale, you’ll need to complete them early. All of this information will be kept on file all year, so you won’t have to do it again. These must be handed in as hard copies, not as pdfs or attachments. If you need a hard copy, I will have some in B164 early next week. Don’t forget a copy of your insurance card! Also, you don’t have to fill out the Boosters membership form, since you did that already.
  3. The payment and intake forms are due no later than Thursday, September 8, which is the third day of school and our first Yale “preseason” meeting after school. Please plan to attend this meeting and the next two “preseason” meetings on the 13 and 15.
  4. If you are currently waitlisted, come and see me in B164 on the first day of school at some point.
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