Yale Invitational Signups

Any team member interested in signing up for the Yale Invitational (9/15-9/17) should sign up here. All new and returning team members are welcome to sign up, but since we only have so much bus space, veteran team members will receive preference over new ones if necessary. Sign up before 8/1 to ensure your best chance of registration!

NSDA Nationals Results

Please congratulate our two students who competed this week at the NSDA National Tournament in Birmingham, AL, Shefali Das (INF) and Lauren Spencer (DI).Lauren placed in the top 120 in the nation in her supplemental event of Prose Interpretation.

Shefali placed in the top 60 in the nation in her main event of Informative Speaking, and placed in the top 20 in the nation in her supplemental event of Poetry Interpretation.


NCFL Results

Please congratulate our two students who competed this weekend at the NCFL Grand National Tournament in Louisville, KY, Claudia Pietrus (OO) and Caitlyn Dempsey (OI). Special congratulations to Caitlyn for breaking to octafinals in Oral Interpretation, placing in the top 50 nationally!

2017-18 Officers

Congratulations to our new officers for the 2017-18 school year:

Co-Presidents  Bryn Bennett & Renee Shen
Vice-President of Speech  Caitlyn Dempsey
Vice-President of Debate  Brandon Luong
Vice-President of Communications  Allie Wu
Captain of Interpretation  Kathryn Altman
Captain of LPPAC  Claudia Pietrus
Captain of Public Forum  Julia Yan
Captain of Lincoln Douglas  Simran Kakkar

Election Slate

The election slate is posted here:

2017-18 Speech & Debate Election Slate 

Please read each candidate’s statement before choosing which to vote for.

We are very pleased with the number of team members who decided to run for officer positions. However, due to the unexpected number of candidates, we will be reserving the candidates’ forum for executive positions (president, speech VP, debate VP, comms VP). The forum for all captain positions will take place online on the team Facebook page.

Notes about voting: 

  • Certain positions can only be voted on by team members of a certain constituency. For example, an interp team member can vote for president, speech VP, comms VP, and interp captain. They cannot vote for debate-specific positions.
  • If a team member has competed in multiple events at least twice this year, they may vote in both constituencies.
  • Finally, Congress team members may vote for all executive positions and LPPAC captain.

See you at the candidates’ forum, Thursday at lunch in B164.

2017-18 Officer Elections

Just a friendly reminder that we are still accepting submissions for officer positions. See below for more information, dates, deadlines, and what positions are available.

Positions Available

  • President
  • Vice-President of Speech
  • Vice-President of Debate
  • Vice-President of Communications
  • Captain of Interpretation
  • NEW – Captain of Limited Prep, Public Address, and Congress (LPPAC)
  • Captain of Lincoln Douglas Debate
  • Captain of Public Forum Debate

Dates & Deadlines

  • April 3 at 2:45pm – Deadline for submissions, including BOTH emailed statements and hard copies of officer agreements
  • April 6 at 10:40am (lunch) – Candidates’ forum for questions
  • April 6-7 – Online voting open until 11:45am 4/7 (link posted on main page)
  • April 7 at noon – Results posted on main page

Election Information

2017 Speech & Debate Elections Packet

Districts & National Tournament Qualifiers

Here are the results for our last regular tournament of the 2016-17 season!

New Jersey District Qualifying Tournament:

  • Sam Halpern – Semifinalist in Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Caitlyn Dempsey – Semifinalist in Program Oral Interpretation & Dramatic Interpretation
  • Bryn Bennett – 2nd alternate in Humorous Interpretation
  • Lauren Spencer – Qualifier in Dramatic Interpretation
  • Shefali Das – 1st alternate in Original Oratory, qualifier in Informative Speaking

This means that we have FOUR students who have qualified in their events to a national championship tournament, and THREE who are alternates to those tournaments! Please congratulate the following students on their qualification, and wish them luck at the end of this school year:

2017 NCFL Grand Nationals (Louisville, KY):

  • Caitlyn Dempsey (OI)
  • Claudia Pietrus (OO)
  • Jordan Pontelandolfo (1st alternate, OI)

2017 NSDA Nationals (Birmingham, AL):

  • Shefali Das (INF & 1st alternate, OO)
  • Lauren Spencer (DI)
  • Bryn Bennett (2nd alternate, HI)

What an end to our season! Well done all.

States Results & Districts

First, we have our results from this weekend’s State Championships. We are so proud of all the hard work everyone on the team has put in over the year that has led to this point – students, parent judges, and coaches alike. Our individual successes and our sustained success as a program are based totally in all that you do.

  • Shefali Das – state semifinalist in Original Oratory
  • Caitlyn Dempsey – state semifinalist in Program Oral Interpretation
  • Claudia Pietrus – state semifinalist in Impromptu Speaking
  • Jess Wattman – state semifinalist in Oral Interpretation
  • Lauren Spencer – 4th place Dramatic Interpretation
  • Bryn Bennett – 5th place Humorous Interpretation & 3rd place Program Oral Interpretation
  • Team Sweepstakes – 6th place, Speech

Massive thanks are in order for all that everyone has done to get us to this point. For all our members for whom this was their last tournament this year, well done and thank you!


Districts is this week! All students selected to attend Districts (at Summit HS) are expected to attend our meeting after school Tuesday for important information. Districts is a special tournament that determines who will represent New Jersey at NSDA Nationals in June, so there are particular rules and regulations about competition. It is very important that everyone be at the meeting on Tuesday.


Winter is not through with us, apparently, and as I write this Tuesday looks to be close to a sure bet for school cancellation. So if there is indeed a snow day, I would ask that everyone come in at lunch on Wednesday for a brief meeting on Districts instead. It will not last all of lunch, but if you want to bring your lunch and stay there, I suppose I will let you get away with that just this once. If Wednesday is somehow a snow day as well (not outside the realm of possibility, if my amateur meteorologist friends are correct), then our meeting will be at lunch on Thursday instead, but that will be cutting things verrry short.

Weekend Results

Our last weekend before States and Districts was a busy one! Take a look below and congratulate the whole team and all these individuals on hard work well rewarded!


  • Katherine Hu – 6th place Humorous Interpretation & Top Non-Advancing Novice, Original Oratory
  • Aaron Alemi – 4th place Novice Lincoln Douglas
  • Mallika Ravi & Braedyn Speight – 3rd place Duo Interpretation
  • Jess Wattman – 2nd place Oral Interpretation
  • Nicole Nissel – 3rd place Program Oral Interpretation & 2nd place Humorous Interpretation
  • Shefali Das – 3rd place Original Oratory & 1st place Improvisational Acting
  • Team Sweepstakes – 5th place

CFL #6 @ Union Catholic:

  • Lara Heinlein & Tyler Harper – 6th place Duo Interpretation
  • Claudia Pietrus – 4th place Original Oratory
  • Jordan Pontelandolfo – 1st place Varsity Oral Interpretation
  • Team Sweepstakes – 5th place
  • League Sweepstakes – 5th place