Important States & Districts Information

The NJSDL State Championships and NJ District Qualifying Tournament are fast approaching. These tournaments signal the end of our “regular” season, and represent some of the most prestigious invitations Randolph Forensics members can be offered. Invitations will be announced on March 1 at our meeting and here on the website. Since any student on the team may be selected to compete at these tournaments, ALL students and parents should read and be familiar with the following information:

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Borelli Results and Harvard

Please congratulate the following students on their final placements at the Borelli Memorial Tournament this weekend:

  • Alyssa Spagnuolo – 5th place Humorous Interpretation
  • Rachel Loia – 3rd place Oral Interpretation
  • Kara Sevola – 6th place Program Oral Interpretation
  • Renee Shen – 5th place Novice Lincoln Douglas
  • Brie Borruso & Harry Kern – 4th place Varisty Public Forum

This week we travel to Harvard! All students traveling with the team should have attended the meeting last Thursday. If not, please see a coach as soon as possible. The team leaves at 7am on Friday morning and should return around 11pm on Monday night.

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Early February Pearls of Information

Some assorted items of interest this week.

1) We had quite a successful weekend at the Ridge Invitational. Please congratulate the following students on their achievement at such a prestigious tournament:

Jordan Pontelandolfo – semi-finalist, Oral Interpretation
Caitlyn Dempsey – 3rd place Oral Interpretation
Bryn Bennett – semi-finalist, Oral Interpretation; 4th place Humorous Interpretation
Noah Taylor – 4th place Improvisational Acting
Kathryn Altman – 3rd place Humorous Interpretation Novice Honors
Nicole Nissel – 4th place Dramatic Interpretation Novice Honors
Kathryn Altman & Claudia Pietrus – 4th place Duo Interpretation Novice Honors

2) This weekend the team travels to the Borelli Memorial tournament at Elizabeth High School. All proceeds from this tournament fund the scholarships earned by NJ State Champions. It also has a limited amount of slots due to restricted space. If interested, please sign up here sooner rather than later to ensure your spot: Also of note for Borelli: we currently need 1 speech and 1 PF judge. Please sign up on the website.

3) All students who are attending next weekend’s Harvard trip should expect to meet on Thursday at the start of the meeting. Please make every effort to attend, especially if it is your first time attending.

4) States and Districts are on the horizon. We mentioned this at the last meeting, but as a reminder – if you qualify or are selected to either or both of these tournaments, you should consider it a great honor. You are expected to attend and represent the team as the best we have to offer in the forensic arts. If you know for certain that you cannot attend one or both of these tournaments due to other commitments or issues, please let coaches and VPs know ASAP. The State Championship runs March 11-12 at Bridgewater-Raritan, and the District Qualifying Tournament runs March 18-19 at Summit.

5) There is an INCREDIBLE opportunity for all current or aspiring interprers THIS WEDNESDAY at 6pm Eastern: The one and only JEFF MOSCARITOLO is hosting a webinar on on the topic of cutting for interpretation. If you are unfamiliar with Jeff, he is a 2005 graduate of RHS and a NATIONAL CHAMPION in Humorous Interpretation – our only national champion in school history! If you do any sort of interp, don’t miss this opportunity – you will regret it later. Log in to your account and sign up here: NSDA Cutting Webinar. I know I will.

6) Our team handbook is in dire need of updating (“we have a team handbook?” – exactly.). Coaches and officers will be working through the rest of the season to add and edit pieces of information, rules, regulations, expectations, etc. to our handbook. If you have suggestions or information you think would be useful, please let Mr. Quinn know. All suggestions will be respectfully considered.

7) Finally, we’d like to direct your attention to a few areas of our team website that you may not be aware of. Our website has undergone a lot of work this year, and hopefully is far more useful than it was in the past. Some highlights:

  • We post announcements, results, links, and more on the front page of with some regularity.
  • At, you can find information about the team, including essays by Mr. Quinn and PF VP Brie Borruso.
  • Ever wondered about a specific event? We have an extensive section explaining each one at If you are a competitor in one of these events and would like to write a short paragraph or so as a testimonial, please do! You can submit these to Mr. Quinn.
  • We have an extensive hub page for our team members. This includes tournament signups, away trip information, debate briefs, information about summer camps, elections, and more. Check out
  • Parents can get information on judging, signups to judge, and more at
  • We update team breaks and results after every tournament at There are also archived pages for results from the past few years as well, if you’re curious.
  • A recent addition to the website is our team Hall of Fame. This includes a lot of information about past and current accomplishments of team members, including all-time NSDA point leaders, national qualifiers, and coach honors. Of note to students – we update the New Degrees and Current Points Leaders sections each week, so we can recognize the achievements of our honors society points leaders and all the degrees of merit we earn over the year.
  • Finally, there is a calendar that gives an at-a-glance look at our season and special events throughout the year. Find it at
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CFL #4, Big Lex, and More

Please join us in congratulating the following students for their placement this weekend at Big Lex and CFL #4 at Millburn:

Harry Kern Double-Octafinals at Big Lex
Alyssa Spagnuolo & Noah Taylor 5th in Duo Interpretation
Caitlyn Dempsey 5th in Oral Interpretation
Kara Sevola 4th in Oral Interpretation
Bryn Bennett 3rd in Oral Interpretation
Rachel Loia 1st in Oral Interpretation!
Team Sweepstakes 4th overall!

Coming up next Saturday is the Ridge Invitational – a great tournament. Sign up by Tuesday, Jan 26 if you’re interested in attending. Beyond that we have the Borelli Memorial tournament, which has limited space for entries, so it’s first-come, first-served. For more details, please see the last posting, or ask a coach or an officer.

Harvard packets will be out this Thursday, Jan 21. The remaining balance and the completed packets will be due in a week (Thursday, Jan 28). You can find the Harvard packet in B164 or here: Harvard Packet 2016.

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CFL #3 Results

Our final tournament of the year, CFL #3 at Montville, went swimmingly. Results are below.

Bryn Bennett 3rd place, Varsity Oral Interpretation
Caitlyn Dempsey 5th place, Varsity Oral Interpretation
Noah Taylor & Alyssa Spagnuolo 3rd place, Duo Interpretation
Sabrina Hu 2nd place, Junior Varsity Extemporaneous Speaking

Randolph also earned 6th place overall in team sweepstakes – well done everyone!

Please look ahead to our January tournaments, as well as sign-ups for our trip to Harvard in February. More on all this when we return in January – until then, take care and have an excellent holiday break.

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Mid-December Results

Here are our results from a very productive weekend!

Ridge Debates:

Harry Kern Double-Octafinalist, 6th place speaker award
Amy Pu Double-Octafinalist, 17th place speaker award
Emily Wang Double-Octafinalist

Summit Holiday Classic:

Alyssa Spagnuolo & Noah Taylor 3rd place, Duo Interpretation
Lex Constantinides & Claire Zou 4th place, Varsity Public Forum
Noah Taylor 4th place, Humorous Interpretation
Kara Sevola 4th place, Program Oral Interpretation
Alyssa Spagnuolo 6th place, Improvisational Acting
Bryn Bennett Semi-finalist, Oral Interpretation
Caitlyn Dempsey Semi-finalist, Oral Interpretation
Rachel Loia Semi-finalist, Oral Interpretation
Kathryn Altman Top Non-Advancing Novice, Humorous Interpretation

We are entering the home stretch of the 2015 portion of our season. One final tournament remains before holiday break – CFL #3 at Montville on December 19. Currently, we have 26 students signed up to attend – a good amount, but not a GREAT amount. In the last several years, we have had no fewer than 30 students attend this tournament – we want to continue this tradition of strength at the final tournament of the calendar year! Sign up here by Tuesday night!

Finally, we need to finalize numbers for our first tournaments of the new year – the Newark Invitational for Debate, and Chaminade for Speech. Please sign up at the corresponding links. Registration for Newark closes on Friday the 18th. We also need to gauge interest in Chaminade for Speech to see if we will attend. Speech students should speak to Mr. Quinn or an officer for more information.

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Princeton Results & December Announcements

14 RHS Forensics students competed at Princeton University this weekend, and boasted some impressive results! Congratulations to the following students:

Caitlyn Dempsey 6th place in Oral Interpretation AND Semi-finalist in Dramatic Interpretation
Bryn Bennett Semi-finalist in Humorous Interpretation AND Quarter-finalist in Oral Interpretation
Rachel Loia Quarter-finalist in Oral Interpretation
Harry Kern Double-Octafinalist in Varsity Lincoln-Douglas

A few items of upcoming importance:

  • Ridge Debates registration is set, so if you signed up, you are obligated to attend. The tournament begins Friday afternoon and goes into Saturday. Please see debate officers for more information on transportation and costs.
  • Summit is open to PF, CON, and Speech entries. It’s a great opportunity to do well in those events, and the tournament has a lovely holiday theme! Consider signing up before the deadline – Tuesday at 5pm.
  • Our final tournament of 2015 will be CFL #3 at Montville. December CFLs have historically been big for our team – we have a goal of at least 30 students competing. If you haven’t competed yet this year – now is the time! Sign up today!
  • Harvard sign-ups are live here. In the first few weeks of the new year, we will begin to solidify who is interested and eligible to go. If you think you are interested, please sign up now, since the waitlists fill quickly.

And finally, a belated THANK YOU to everyone who helped run our home tournament a few weeks ago. We can’t ask for a better team or better parents – we should all be proud of the fantastic achievement of running such a large and complex tournament. Well done!

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CFL #2 Results & Princeton

Congratulations to all the students who placed at CFL #2 this Saturday:

Stephen Hu 2nd place, Junior Varsity Extemp
Kara Sevola 4th place, Varsity Oral Interpretation
Bryn Bennett 3rd place, Varsity Oral Interpretation
Rachel Loia 1st place, Varsity Oral Interpretation

The team also received 4th place in team sweepstakes. Well done all!

Our trip to Princeton University for their tournament Dec 4-6 is fast approaching. Students who signed up to express interest in the trip should download and complete the packet for Princeton, found here. Hard copies are also available from Mr. Quinn in B164. The deadline for both the packet and payment is Tuesday, November 24. If you can no longer attend, please let Mr. Quinn or Ms. Poff know.

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CFL #2

Information for judges and competitors for CFL #2 as of 11/12 at 5pm:


Ridge High School

268 S Finley Avenue

Basking Ridge, NJ 07920

Call Time: 7:30am

Estimated Return: 6:30pm


Kathryn Altman DP
Bryn Bennett OInt
Kelyn Chen DP
Shefali Das OO
Caitlyn Dempsey OInt
James Domalewski LD
Jason Gu LD
Sam Halpern EXT
Stephen Hu EXT
Ashley Huang LD
Daniel Kim LD
Victoria Lofaro OO
Rachel Loia OInt
Nikhil Naik LD
Nicole Nissel DP
Kara Sevola OInt
Neha Sippy CONG
Helen Spyropoulos PF
Samantha Tassillo OInt
Abha Walter PF

Lauren Spencer DP


Jackie Lofaro (Speech)
Shriram Easwaran (V PF)
Pamela Bennett (Speech)
Linda Dempsey (Speech)

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Upcoming Tournaments

There are several local and national tournaments coming up before the holiday break that we would like to keep students appraised of. As always, sign-ups for all these tournaments can be found under the “Members” section of the website.

  • Scarsdale Invitational, 11/13-14. LD/PF only. Events have gone to waitlists, but registration does not close until 11/4.
  • CFL #2 @ Ridge, 11/14. All CFL events. Very few students have signed up so far for our next local tournament – get in early while the competition is easier and get some experience or points towards national qualification!
  • Princeton Invitational, 12/4-6. All events. Though all events have gone to waitlists, we are still taking early interest requests. Join us for a national tournament at New Jersey’s own Princeton University. This figures to be the most inexpensive national tournament. If you are a parent interested in driving students and judging to help us keep costs down, please let boosters or coaches know.
  • Ridge Debates, 12/11-12. Debate only. A very prestigious national debate tournament right in our backyard! Some of the best competition comes here to NJ for two days. Open to novices as well as an open debate pool. As of now, there are no waitlists.
  • Summit, 12/12. All events except LD. A great holiday-themed speech and PF tournament.
  • CFL #3 @ Montville, 12/19. All CFL events. We hope that all new and returning members will be able to compete by this tournament. We typically send a huge team to this tournament, and we’d like to keep up the tradition! This is the last local tournament for several weeks.
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