Tournament Sign-Ups

Signing Up for a Tournament

Fill out a form for each tournament you want to register for below. A coach or an officer will then register you on the appropriate tournament website. You can also find these links on the team calendar.

You must register for a local tournament by 11:59pm on the Sunday before. Therefore, you are encouraged to look over the calendar at the start of the season, think about your goals and other commitments, and plan which tournaments you wish to attend far in advance. We particularly encourage members to attend our Ivy League national tournaments (Yale, Princeton, and Harvard), as well as the larger local tournaments (Summit, Ridge, and Montville).

If you accidentally sign up for a local tournament, or sign up for one but now cannot attend, you must contact a coach to remove your name from the registration no later than the Tuesday before the tournament. If you are unsure whether you signed up or not, click the link below to see the spreadsheet (not editable).


September 2019

Yale Invitational* September 13-15

October 2019

NYC Invitational (Bronx Science)# October 18-20
Phillipsburg Fall Invitational October 26

November 2019

Scarsdale Invitational# November 9-10
CFL #1 @ Ridge November 9
Randolph Fall Classic  November 16
Borelli (Summit) November 23

December 2019

Princeton Classic# December 6-8
Ridge Debates December 13-14
Summit Holiday Classic December 14
CFL #2 @ Montville December 14 OR

December 21 (TBD)

January 2020

Hunterdon Central Winter Invitational January 4
Newark Invitational# January 10-11
CFL #3 @ Randolph January 18
Ridge Invitational January 25

February 2020

CFL #4 @ Ridge February 1
UPenn Liberty Bell Classic# February 7-9
Harvard Invitational* February 14-17
Montville Invitational & District Congress February 22
CFL #5 @ TBD February 29
Bridgewater-Raritan February 29

March 2020

CFL #6 @ TBD March 7
Princeton HS  March 14
NJSDL State Championships @ Hunterdon Central March 21-22
NJ District Qualifying Tournament @ Delbarton March 27-28

April 2020

Tournament of Champions @ Lexington, KY April 25-27

May 2020

NCFL Grand Nationals @ Chicago, IL May 22-25

June 2020

NSDA Nationals @ Albuquerque, NM June 13-20

Tournament Signup Guidelines

Most tournaments are local, meaning they are held at New Jersey high schools in a one-day format. The school district generously provides all funds for registration as well as bus transportation for all these tournaments. All team members are always welcome to register for local tournaments without cost.

National multi-day tournaments have special rules. Signing up for one does not guarantee that you will attend the trip – some have requirements, others will have waitlists, and all will involve individual payments and paperwork. Some require that you arrange your own transportation, while for others it is included in the cost. If you have questions about a specific national tournament, ask a coach or an officer. These tournaments are marked with an asterisk (*).

Some tournaments are individually sponsored, meaning they are dependent on student and parent interest. While the team will register interested students, Randolph coaches will not attend these tournaments. As such, they will require funding, transportation, and chaperone arrangements to be made privately or with Boosters coordination. These tournaments are marked with a pound sign (#).

NJSDL States, ToCs, NCFL Grand Nationals, and NSDA Nationals are by qualification only. NJ District Qualifying Tournament is by coach selection only. If you qualify or are selected for one of these tournaments, it is an immense honor, and one that you must commit to take seriously.