Program Oral Interpretation (POI)

Q&A: What to Expect in Program Oral Interpretation

VIDEO: Sample  Program Oral Interpretation

From the National Speech and Debate Association:

POI is a program of oral interpretation of thematically-linked selections chosen from two or three genres: prose, poetry, drama (plays). A primary focus of this event should be on the development of the theme or argument through the use of narrative, story, language, and/or characterization. Competitors are encouraged to devote approximately equal times to each of the genres used in the program. At least two pieces of literature that represent at least two separate genres must be used. The use of a manuscript is required.

From Gustavus Adolphus College:

Program oral interpretation is one of the most interesting and creative of the “interp” events. POI allows students to demonstrate their intellect and creativity by selecting and arranging items from different genres (and usually different authors) into a cohesive theme. Program oral interpretation is useful for students who are interested in drama or radio theater.

Interested in learning more about POI? Check out, or visit the Jefferson City High School, MO team’s excellent website to find some ideas and resources for pieces.