NSDA Coach Honors

The NSDA also recognizes the achievements of coaches. Randolph Speech & Debate has had many distinguished coaches over its history. Below are the honors they have earned over their careers.

Coach Career Points Degree of Honor
Eileen Waite 89,237 Three Diamonds
Peter Quinn 33,155 One Diamond
Peter Bond 21,520 One Diamond
Katie Burke 20,487 One Diamond
Ben Horwitz 11,173 Donus D. Roberts Award
Cara Restaino Canfield 5,821 Special Distinction
Sattik Deb 5,348 Special Distinction
Susanne Hoban 2,715 Distinction
Nicole Nissel 1,186 Outstanding Distinction
Marge Kelley 836 Honor
Brian Webster 823 Honor
Robert E Waite 635 Merit
Michelle Wargacki 364 Merit
Melissa Stern 141 Honor
Stephen Barrow 36 Merit