Event Guide

Interested in what we do? Visit each page in this section to learn more about the competition events in both speech and debate.

Certain tournaments will offer all of these events, while others may not. In general:

  • CFL tournaments offer all debate events, dramatic performance (DI & HI), duo interpretation, JV/Varsity oral interpretation (PRO & POE), declamation, JV/Varsity extemporaneous speaking, and original oratory.
  • NJSDL tournaments offer all speech and debate events listed here.
  • NSDA Districts and NSDA Nationals offer all speech and debate events except for prose, poetry, declamation, improvisational acting, and impromptu speaking.
  • National tournaments offer various combinations of events, please check each one to see which are offered.

Seem daunting? No worries – we’re here to help. Visit our contact page to get in touch with one of our coaches or student leaders with questions. Or, better yet, pay us a visit anytime in B-164!


Speech: Interpretation

Speech: Limited Preparation

Speech: Public Address