Attendance & Judging

Meeting Attendance

Your VP will be keeping track of attendance for all meetings. While there is no specific attendance requirement, if you wish to compete or attendĀ trips, you must show a level of dedication to the team and your activity. Long, unexplained absences will be noticed and will affect your standing with the team.

To view your meeting attendance, speak with your VP.

Tournament Attendance

Your VP will also keep track of your tournament attendance. Looking at tournament attendance is a good indicator of dedication to the team and your craft. Lack of tournament attendance is not necessarily a bad thing – we understand that everyone is busy with academics, other organizations, athletics, and social lives. However, we do have two tournament attendance rules.

The first is that novices should ideally compete at least once within a certain timeframe. If you are approaching that timeframe, a coach or student officer will speak to you about it. The second is that, in order to be considered for the trip to Harvard, members must have attended at least three tournaments before the holiday recess.

To view your tournament attendance, speak with your VP.

Judge Credits

Finally, your VP will track how many judge credits you have accrued over the course of the season. You must provide a judge or a judge fee for every three (3) tournaments you attend. Additionally, requirements for the Harvard trip include two (2) judge credits before the holiday recess. If you have attended more tournaments than judges provided, you risk not being permitted to compete until you have pledged judges or paid the fee.

To view your judge credits, speak with your VP.